Wednesday, July 21, 2010

28mm High Elf HoTT army for sale--SOLD!

I have for sale a 28mm High Elf Hordes of the Things (HoTT) army. It comprises 15 bases with 36 figures and totals 35AP. All of the figures are plastic and GW (a few exceptions noted). All bases are 60mm frontages.

The majority of the army is shooters, with six bases.

There are also three bases of spear, including an optional spear general (the fellow with the sword is metal GW).

There are two bases of riders and the fellow with the pennant could be a rider general.

There is a flyer and a dragon. Both are plastic but non-GW (Heroscape or Mageknight, I think).

There is also a magician (plastic Heroscape or Mageknight) and an artillery piece (metal GW with a plastic bowman added).

I'd like $100 for the army. Shipping will be $20 in Canada or the US; more overseas. Payment by paypal, I will insure it, etc.