Tuesday, July 13, 2010

15mm Over the Mountain Men

As I finish an extended painting commission (one more unit left!), I based up 8 15mm AWI over-the-mountain men. Please ignore the still wet glue.

These are lovely, lovely figures with lots of character. As requested, I added in a couple of blonde and red-headed fellows as Swedes and Scotsmen.

I have also been working on some fantasy. In the next few days I'll have some 28mm warg riders, a troll and a dragon (yes, a dragon) done. Eventually, I will work my way back to some skeletons but a family visit for the next few days is going to sideline painting.

The remaining unit on this commission are some loyalists with cool green jackets. They have the flesh done and require about two hours of solid work so hopefully by the end of the week this whole package can go off into the mail.

Up next: Well, wargs, a troll and a dragon. Then some 28mm elves. I'm trying to speed paint these to see how fast they can go. Then the remaining AWI unit and then back to skeletons. For the club on the 20th I have put together a CCA game based on Mons Grapius (83AD).

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