Monday, July 19, 2010

28mm HoTT Elves

This morning I finished basing a bunch of GW High Elves for HoTT. The cavalry are drying now. Add in a couple of magicians and I'm done.

Up first are two groups of spearmen. These are plastic except for the commander with the sword, who is a metal crew figure I swiped from the bolt thrower set.

And a second group of spearmen, again with one stand having an officer.

I also acquired two metal bolt throwers, adding an extra archer to fill out the crew of each.

These are quite nice models.

Finally, since this a shooty army, I painted a buttload of archers. The cavalry elements are just drying now and should be ready to photograph on Wednesday.

Up next: The last of the 15mm AWI bases are drying along with a giant. Plus some elven cavalry. I'm awaiting a few skeleton reinforcements before I go back to them so I have a 15mm HoTT Orc army ready to spray prime if the weather breaks.


Kevin Barrett said...

Holy Crap-shit, Bob...awesome models! And so many! It must be summer time. Lol.

Bob Barnetson said...

Yes, vacation is nice! Alas production will decline when that is over!