Friday, December 21, 2012

Noble dwarves fight for you!


I picked up a bunch of 28mm dwarves in a trade about six months ago. I've painted up these Mantic Iron Breakers and am looking to send them on their way (no fantasy armies to add them to at my house).

There are 20 dwarves, including a leader, musician and standardbearer. There are also two dead dwarves. All from a smoke- and pet-free home.

One of the dwarves is carrying an attack poodle in lieu of a shield.  I'd like $20 (cost of the bare plastic) plus $15 shipping in Canada or the US (this is the cost of postage only). These guys have a small integral base that should easily fit atop any standard fantasy base. Offers to

Up next: I have built some more 15mm cavalry an will prime them along with some 28mm tombstones for painting. I also picked up a bunch of buildings today to build over the winter so I will start doing some figuring for my superhero terrain board.


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