Sunday, December 16, 2012

More 15mm cavalry

One more unit of 15mm Polish cavalry has rolled off the production line. I have three more boxes to go and I'm aiming for the new year. These guys are glue hogs, though so I'll need to get some more.

I have a bunch of 28mm Mantic dwarves on the workbench right now and they are fairly fun to paint up. Cartoonish and animated and with some nice poses. There are a couple of places were the detail runs together to facilitate casting so I'll have to make some painting decisions about what should be where.

I also have put together a 4x4 wood frame (breaks down into two 2x4 panels for transport) as the base for my super heroes game. I now need to think about how to make it look like the mean streets of gotham. I have some paper roadway that can be printed. I might also paint it pavement colour and then hand detail sidewalks and whatnot. I'm thinking about four intersections with a central "block" in the middle of the board. The terrain itself can then be varied, depending on scenario.


Phil said...

Very nice Polish cavalry!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Phil. I've enjoyed them but I'm ready to be done with 15mm cavalry for while. Lots of detail that is hard to see in the end!