Saturday, December 8, 2012

FS 6mm WW2 terrain blowout


Continuing with the "two years of dust and it is gone" rule, I have a collection of WW2ish 6mm buildings and terrain pieces that need to go.

This lots includes a Timecast railway station (presently running $5 unpainted from the manufacturer) as well as 15 75mm lengths of barbed wire and one set of dragon's teeth from Irregular miniatures (running $1.20 each unpainted at present).

There are also three buildings. Two (left and right) are Timecast houses sold via Baccus with plinths for $7 each unpainted. You can use these either with the plinths (buildings lift out to make room for troops) or just set the integral base on your terrain mat.

There is also a cluster of light industrial buildings. This is a really nice piece and could serve as an ammo dump or other objective. No plinth--just a since base. I don't know who makes it but I'd guess it runs about $15 based on what comparable JR mini pieces cost.

I'd like $45 OBO plus $21 postage (metal bases are heavy) in Canada or the US--so $66 all in. This is slightly less than the cost of the unpainted figures. Offers to

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