Sunday, December 9, 2012

FS 28mm viking army


The closet clean-out continues with this painted 28mm viking army. There are 56 foot, 6 mounted and 3 aerial figures in this army. If you play DBA 2.2, I think this gives you enough figures for all of the viking options. If you play HoTT, there are 38 AP here. This would also give you a good sized army for Dux Bellorum.

The majority of the foot are plastic Wargames Factory figures, although I believe there are some metal Old Glory fellows in the ranks as well as at least one GW figure. The mounted are conversions from Conquest Games plastic Normans. The aerials are Heroclix. All bases have a 60mm frontage and all figures have an integral base so they are relatively easy to unbase (a short soak) and then attach to individual bases if you are playing WAB. All from a pet- and smoke-free home.

There are 10 bases of mailed troops (blades in DBA or HoTT). I think the shields are nicely done for brush work. Only one guys has horns on his helmet (they will clip off!) and there is a leader base with standard.

There are four bases of light troops, including two bases of bow and two bases of skirmishers or lurkers. Not sure if the bow came from the set or if I had to snag them from another plastic set.

There is one base of berserkers and two bases of mounted troops.

Finally, there are three bases of eagles (blood eagles?) to give a HoTT army some aerial options and increase the mobility of the vikings some.

I'd like $110 OBO plus shipping. Shipping is going to be about $30 so let's call it $25 in Canada or the US. If it is more, I'll cover it, and, if it is less, I'll refund the difference. All bases bubble wrapped and floated in foam. Offers to

Now, if you wanted to get crazy and refight the Battle of Five Armies, you could add in the LoTR good and evil armies I have for sale for a total cost of $350 (for three armies!) and I'll cover the shipping for the whole lot in Canada or the US.

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Enjoying your blog, especially the 28mm.