Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gotham starts to take shape

The first two buildings for downtown Gotham are more of less finished. These are Woodland Scenics HO-scale railway buildings that I got in a dad-and-lad starter pack. They still need the window glass glued in (I'll do all 15 buildings at once) and a bit more decalling. And a couple have signs that need o be attached.

And interesting feature of these buildings is that the pieces (for the most part) don't fit. In order to get an easy release from the mold, the edges of the walls tend to be tapered. This is no big deal to fix. The harder part is that the rear wall off all of the buildings is too long. For example, on a 21-foot section of wall, the wall is 5 inches too long.

I presume this is designed to allow lots of room for sanding the sloped edges square but it represents a real pain in the ass. Given the tolerances plastic models have, it is a shame that they couldn't get this section of wall a bit closer to the actual length (less sanding) or have molded on a couple of vertical guidelines (I'm basically guessing as to how much to cut off). Otherwise lovely kits.

Up next: Two more buildings are drying and seven more need priming. I also have another unit of 15mm cavalry well along.


pulpcitizen said...

Looking forwards to seeing how this project grows. :)

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks; currently banging off another four buildings while waiting for some 15mm figures to dry!