Friday, December 7, 2012

FS 6mm ancients terrain blow out


As I apply the "haven't used it in two years" rule, I've come across a bunch of 6mm terrain that needs a new home. First up are the ancient pieces. This includes the castle below from JR miniatures.

I've added a paper keep to this castle to allow for a late-medieval look.

Or you can remove the paper keep and you get an older looking fortification. This model was running about $17 the last time I looked at JR pieces.

And ever castle needs a village full of pitch-fork wielding torch bearers. These are old Baccus cottages on plinths that were bought by Coyote Miniatures (which seems to be out of business?).

Anyhow, nice models with GW static grass. The Norman church is pretty and the models can be used with the plinth system or will also just sit flat on your terrain mat.

The windmill rotates on the base (so it can face any direction), but the blades are glued in a fixed position. This sets was running about $25 the last time I looks.

I'd like $43 OBO plus postage (which will be $17 in Canada or the US--so $60 all in). A nice Xmas present for your or your friend. Will bubble wrap all pieces and float in peanuts. Offers to