Sunday, February 26, 2012

Terrain for superheroes

I was so taken with Andy's terrain at the club this week that I decided to look into railway buildings again. I used to have a small collection for WW2 gaming. But my modeling skills were modest (at best) and the cost vs. look never really worked out for me.

I took a trip to the Hobby Warehouse and picked up a tire factory. This came as two pieces plus extras and took me about 90 minutes to assemble. I then hand-painted the primer, drybrushed, detailed and washed. Then I added the rub on decals.

It is a bit small for the 28mm heroes I'll be using but I can live with that. The detail is fairly awesome. and it will be a lot easier to make a small Gotham layout with these kinds of buildings rather than hand-make buildings with cork tile (my original plan).

Up next: Some 1/72 AWI British are my next project. Then perhaps some more super hero scenery.


Tim said...

Nice building. Were the pipeworks and chimney part of the kit or a kit bash? Either way nice model. I'm guessing that's an HO scale building. IMO clix work better with O and S scale buildings and accessories. I use HO for 15 & 20mm figures, but if you're happy with the compromise, go for it.

Tim said...

Also love the clix rebasing. You should think about posting a tutorial.

ranolan said...

What rule system will you be using with these? Have you checked out Pulp City by Pulp Monsters for your super hero cravings?

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks guys. Yes, HO buildings--that is what is most available locally. The pipes and whatnot came with the model (I spent a lot of time sorting through kits in the store to get one with nice detail and a "warehouse district" feel to it).

I'm planning on using Ganesha Games Power Legions when the system comes out. But almost any system should be workable in the end.

Not sure I'd have much to say re: rebasing tutorial. Repaint, wash and then print off flooring and stick to a washer, then glue the fellow on. I'll then about it if there is any demand.