Friday, February 24, 2012

Extra 28mm Roman Skirmishers

I finished off a couple of Old Glory skirmishers I got in trade a few months back. These fellows will be for my Roman armies, where I find myself always short on light troops.

Looking at the pictures, I see these fellows were supposed to have spears in their hands. They did not come with any and, when I looked at the figures prior to painting, it just didn't occur to me. And yet it is so obvious in there pictures. Huh. Oh well!

Below I've tried to snap these guys against some Wargames factory Republican Romans. I think they are, size-wise, pretty compatible. I also see I have a few facial details to clean up. Not my finest hour!

Up next: Four bases of 28mm Carthaginian cavalry are based and need to be flocked (maybe tonight). And I have cut and cleaned about 40 1/72 AWI British foot and dragoons that were sitting around the shelves. Not sure what comes after them--perhaps a camp for my 1/72 HiTT WW1 army that I will be selling shortly.

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