Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dragon Lord 1/600 ships

I was asked to paint a few more 1/600 ships from the Uncharted Seas line. These are Dragon Lord ships and the paint scheme was specified by the owner. The red is darker in person.

There are two large and two small ships. The smaller ones (below) had a very nice set of sails. My instructions were to do a two-tone (green fading to yellow) job on the mast and then paint the "veins" red.

I tried a couple of approaches (stripes, wet blending) to get this effect and eventually gave up--it just confused the line of the ship so I eventually just did two shades of red for the masts. I think this is a better look overall.

The detail on these ships is again amazing. I wish the sails had been cast at a bit of an angle (yes, they are schooners, but these arrangements don't really make sense from a sailing perspective). Even a 10-degree twist left or right would have dramatically improved the look of the model. The way the sails were manufactured didn't really allow me to do this manually.

That grousing aside, they are very pretty models with amazing detail and almost no flash to clean up. Spartan Games really has done a great job here.

Up next: I have 21 Vampire Counts under construction on my work bench and I hope to get in a game of Maurice with Bruce tonight. I will probably turn my attention to some Star Wars figures later this week.


Broeders said...

They look great, Bob. The red really works.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks--I'm happy they're done and turned out well. Nothing so stressful as putting someone else's expensive resin under the brush and hoping for the best!