Saturday, February 25, 2012

25mm Carthaginians Part 4

Today I finished off a 25mm Carthaginian army that I have been working on. These four mounted stands are Old Glory and were the only parts I had to purchase (when I was at the Sentry Box last weekend). It is kind of fun to be able to purchase something and then immediately paint it! Yet another benefit of the diminishing lead mountain.

The first two bases are 3Cv bases. The figures are actually Roman gladiators but they will do (no Carthaginian packs in stock). Nice animated poses and I used pins for the spears.

The fellow above in the middle is sporting a tunic in the new cinnamon colour Dave suggested. I couldn't find the one he mentioned so I ended up at the local art store and picked up a pricey artists acrylic.

There are also two bases of 2LH. These could be used in a variety of armies as generic light cavalry. I kind of lamed out on the shields, going with metal-clad shields. I just didn't have the gas to do designs.

Up next: I have a bunch of 1/72-scale AWI British foot and dragoons glued to paint sticks but the weather has turned so they will need to wait for priming. I also picked up some scenery for my super heroes game and spent some time last night building it. It too founders on priming. So I will likely do a quick camp for my WW1 HiTT British army and post that up to sell tomorrow. And I will start going through my collection to put aside some auction items for MayDay.

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