Monday, February 6, 2012

28mm Vampire Counts

I finished a small batch of twenty-one 28mm GW Vampire Counts which were for a commission. My instructions were along the lines of "make them look fresh out of the ground" which I took to mean dirty and ghastly.

Ranking these fellows up reminded me of why I don't like stand removal games! I'm going to have to add dome weight to the standard bearer!

I was quite happy with how the wood turned out. Two layers of paint and a wash added some nice texture. I see a couple of the bases require some touch up.

There is a bit too much red showing in this photo--most of that is actually a rust colour. Otherwise, these went well--GW figures generally assemble nicely (which they should, for the price). A white primer, followed by a wash, detailing and another wash is usually all that skeletons require.

There was also a Finecast Resin commander. I spent quite a lot of time detailing him and yet, after the wash, all of the detailing is basically lost due to the incredible definition of the sculpts. Huh. Oh well!

Up next: I have 28mm medieval foot fellows drying--some extra figures to serve as commanders or whatever. I also have some 25mm Star Wars troops underway and Tuesday is club night. Next up I may give some 25mm Carthaginian troops a whirl.


Broeders said...

Great paint job Bob. They look the business.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Phil; yes, I think they'd make elves' blood run cold!