Thursday, February 23, 2012

25mm Carthaginians Part 3

I've finished the third (of four) batches of 25mm Carthaginians for DBA, HoTT and CCA. These are all RAFM figures I picked up in a trade last year. It is nice to have them moved off my painting shelf.

I did two bases of heavy foot (fellows with body armour) which will be spear in DBA/HoTT.

I think they turned out okay given the level of detail and limited effort I made with them. The spears are plastic from a wargames factory set. I see I have some glue and grass to scape off the shield here!

I also did four bases of spear without armour. I mixed up the clothing and crests as much as I could but decided on a common shield pattern. The figures have detail consistent with when they were sculpted and a bit of paint on the hems helps.

Up next: Some 28mm skirmisher reinforcements for the Romans and then the last of the Carthaginians--several bases of mounted troops.

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