Friday, February 17, 2012

25mm Carthaginians Part 2

And these are the second batch of finished Carthaginians. They are Celts (my army will be heavy with allied forces!) and are older 25mm, mono-pose sculpts. Maybe RAFM?

First up are four bases of psilio. I replaced the crappy metal spears with some plastic ones I had left over.

I also did five bases of warband/auxilia. A bit repetitive but they painted up super quick!

I think the figures are reasonably good. Not as nice as Old Glory but reasonably serviceable.

Up next: I have some 25mm spearmen (definitely RAFM) which are nicer than these Celts. The block painting is done so now I am detailing them. I hope to have them finished late Monday. There is club on Tuesday and then I'll be working on some cavalry to bolster the Carthaginian ranks if I can swing by the Sentry Box on Saturday.

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