Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1/72 WW1 British HiTT army for sale

I have for sale a 1/72-scale HiTT (Hordes in the Trenches) WW1 British army. It comprises 26 bases on 60mm frontages plus a “camp” element.

There are 11 bases of infantry. There are 6 six-man bases and 5 four-man bases, with the latter reflecting attrition (so more veteran troops).

I’ve taken a closer shot to show the washing and detailing on the figures.

There is 1 mortar base and 3 MG bases. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.

There are 4 bases that could be used as snipers or forward observers.

There is 1 base of biplanes. These are 6mm metal biplanes with decals.

There is 1 base with a tank. This is a 1/72 plastic kit and is nicely painted.

There are 3 bases of artillery.

There are 2 bases of poison gas.

And there is one camp (using 6mm elements). The over-exposed white blobs are actually sheep grazing in the meadow. Looks like Tommy will be having lamb for dinner!

I will individually bubble wrap these bases for shipping. I’d like $85 OBO, including shipping to Canada or the US. Offers to bob.barnetson@shaw.ca .