Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Misc 28mm medievals

These two fellows have been hiding in the tray under my paint carrousel for some time. I'm not sure where they came from (a trade with someone--but whom?) but I decided to haul them out and finish them off. They are 28mm plastic GW LotR figures.

I often find myself short of bases to represent generals and whatnot in games so these fellows will do the job just fine.

As my back has been a bit sore, I spent some of last night examining my collection and pondering the future of my 6mm AWI collection. I have AWI and War of 1812 armies in 1/72--does it really make sense to have element-based units in 6mm as well? I love the look but they haven't gotten much play recently. Hmmm.

Up next: I have some 25mm Star Wars guys that I'll work on as my back loosens up. And I have 25mm Carthaginians to clean up and prime as well. I'm hopeful I can play, rather than host, a game tonight at the club.

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