Monday, December 6, 2010

TTGN Old Project Challenge: Where I'm At!

The Table Top Gaming News has an "old project challenge" going on--simply, can you bring a lingering project to completion between now and February? My lingering project has been a 28mm Gallic/Celt DBA army I started last Christmas using Wargames Factory's 28mm plastics.

So far, I have completed three chariots, three bases of warband and one base of psiloi.

I also have a camp done (using Warlord Games 28mm metals).

I need to completed two bases of light horse and two bases of cavalry. I built these last week--the light horse are riding bareback while the cavalry have saddles.

I also need to complete two bases of psiloi. I built these yesterday. And then I need six bases of three-figure warbands (see below). I built these last night and this morning.

Up next: I'll start priming after I get everyone glued to paint sticks. I'm going to keep the shields separate to aid in decaling. I also have a 15mm DBA army for a commission to get built and primered. And the club is Tuesday--some 28mm DBA medieval action.


Scott M said...

Wow, your camp is really sharp!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks! Yes, it turned out well. I quite like the diorama nature of camps.

Now onto priming!

Kevin Barrett said...

Bob, I'm going to check out that challenge. Plenty of potential projects to do.