Friday, October 1, 2010

15mm AWI Dragoons

Working away on a commission, I finished some 15mm AWI dragoons (Philadelphia Light Horse).

These are Minifigs. I've never had a very good impression of Minifigs after I traded for a bunch of ancients. But perhaps the ones I had were old sculpts or the molds were worn. These were great!

The owner will need to add his own standard.

I also finished painting a dwarf with cannon ball (donated by Josh a long time ago) to finished this dwarf cannon.

The club is having a silent auction to help cover our gaming costs so I think I will donate a painted 28mm dwarf HoTT army. This might help raise some funds and encourage someone else to get into this scale.

Up next: Some more 15mm AWI are primered and have the flesh done. I have also got some 28mm HaT El Cid heavy Spanish infantry underway. A bit thin for 28mm and with annoying ring hands and brittle spears. But a good price and I think they'll paint up just fine.

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