Saturday, July 2, 2011


I pushed 10 of these rebel speeders off the production line this weekend to flesh out my daughter's Star Wars army. All of the cool kit tends to be imperial so these fellows should help even up the game.

These are about 4-5mm kits from an old Ertl Battle of Hoth set. I'll classify them as flyer in HoTT. They are, of course, designed to be a solution to the Imperial behemoths as below.

I delayed on these guys quite awhile because I was not sure how to mount them. I ended up using florist wire (accelerating the gel crazy glue with PVA to get a good bond on the speeder) and sticking it into cork that I adhered to the base. The effect is workable enough, though.

Up next: A 1/72 wagon and command stand for the War of 1812 is drying. I am basing a War of 1812/AWI camp. And I have a bunch more American line troops for the War of 1812 primered. So apparently I'm on a 1/72 kick these days!

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