Monday, July 4, 2011

War of 1812 bits and pieces

Two miscellaneous war of 1812 pieces have rolled off the line. First up is a general base for the American side.

These fellows are Imex figures from their Alamo range. They came with an artillery set that I picked up this spring at the Sentry Box.

I'm not sure what the fellows are carrying in the box. Looks heavy and important so I'd bet hooch.

I also completed this wagon. It is an Imex kit from their pioneer set. The wagon is pretty clearly from a later period than 1812 but the utility of a wagon in scenarios is high so I'm prepared to over look that.

Up next: A War of 1812 camp is almost ready and some more American troops are underway. Tuesday is also club night so I'll be running a game of Hail Caesar. Then maybe the remaining 28mm Normans will get some paint.


Anonymous said...


You must have myriads of 1812 and AWI completed by now. Are you going to bring them to the club sometime? It would be great to try them out.

Bob Barnetson said...

I have lots of AWI. The War of 1812 still needs some horse. My plan is to run some games for the 200th anniversary from 2012-2014. Next up is constructing a highly flammable model of Washington... .

This week Hail Caesar; on the 19th maybe some Star Wars HoTT. Not sure about August yet.