Friday, June 17, 2011

15mm Greeks

I finished off a commission last night. This group of 15mm Xyston Greeks begins with three bases of Spartan psiloi.

There are also four bases of generic Greek psiloi.

Again, these are Xyston figures and they are lovely to paint.

A second batch of generic Greek skirmishers are bow armed.

These fellows will be bubble wrapped this weekend but alas will sit until the Canada Post lockout is over.

Up next: Four more superheroes are in the basing process. And I have a big lot of 28mm Normans with the flesh done. Then more superheroes and a game of Hail Caesar at the club on Tuesday.


Dale said...

They really look good Bob.

Postal lockout? May not matter if Don asked you to paint the Aztecs, right?

Bob Barnetson said...

Dale: Yes, he did ask but the Aztecs had already sold so your package is ready. I expect the feds will legislate an end to this lockout shortly and the postal system will resume functioning. I'll just sit on this until that happens. Glad you like them--Xyston do nice stuff. Bob

Unknown said...

you did well with these xystons