Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Club night June 7

We had nine guys out last night and four games ran!

Dave and Scott played Warhammer, with Scott's demons sporting some new characters.

As I understand the game, Dave managed to shoot Scott to bits with his elves before Scott to get to contact.

Chen and Terry played a game of Civilization (that I did not get a picture of). Bruce hosted me (with Jonathan watching) in a game of Duel in the Dark. This was fairly entertaining and Bruce won a clear victory on the fifth night. This is unprecedented and I'm a bit surprised how badly I lost! Clearly we must go back to games with die rol;ling so his luck can play a factor!

John hosted Bill in a 1/72 game of Battlefront WW2. He brought out some very old Matchbox tanks (love those Panzer 3's!) and half tracks.

Up next: Some 28mm hobbits need basing and I have the flesh done on 30+ 15mm Greeks.

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