Saturday, June 18, 2011

More 28mm Superheroes

Bad weather has been keeping me out of the garden so I've been spending my lunch hours and evenings in the basement puttering. I'm making progress on a big batch of 28mm Normans. But I have been breaking things up by repainting more superheroes.

First up is a more 1980s version of Batman. I loved the Batman of this era. Not campy like in the 1970s but not yet so dark knight and Tim Burton as to be a turn off. As a hero, he is probably well suited to gaming--modest powers, a few tricks but mostly hand-to-hand combat.

This figure is Katana, one of the original Outsiders. I've tried to follow the history of the Outsiders since I last read a comic (about 1986?) but it is too complicated to make much sense of. Not sure why the figure is tilted so much in this picture--I'd guess it is the angle I took the shot at.

Of course we need some baddies and this Joker is a nice pose. I have a couple of different Joker figures. I'm not sure where most of these figures came from. Some are from eBay. And I got a bunch from Craig (whom I owe some painting to).

And below we have Speedy, who was a Teen Titan at one point and Green Arrow's sidekick. I've put my repaint next to the Heroclix paint to show the difference.

Up next: I'm a ways away from having the Normans finished--lots of figures on the go in this batch. I have a couple more superheroes I putter on when I have the right colour open in the palette. And I will run a game of Hail Caesar at the club on Tuesday. This afternoon I'm off to trade some figures!

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