Friday, June 10, 2011

More 28mm Elves

But not those kinds of elves. These are Santa's elves, which comprise some old GW hobbits. These were left over from a project late last year and are designed to fill out the ranks of Black Peter's Holiday HoTT army.

I block painted these instead of carefully painting to leave black in the shadows. While block painting with a dip seems to work okay in 15mm, I was not so happy with the effect in 28mm. Below you can see a base done with black lines (left) and block paint (right).

That said, they fill out Black Peter's army juts fine. Now he has a posse of cheap 2AP stands (a mix of blade and shooter and beasts) to supplement the rest of the troops.

Up next: Some 15mm Greeks are being detailed. THen more Greeks, I expect. And perhaps some more Normans.

1 comment:

Matt D said...

an axe wielding Santa, might keep the kiddies from getting up early Christmas morning and sneaking downstairs for a peak!