Sunday, June 5, 2011

15mm Early Hebrew DBA army

I finished a second commissioned DBA army. These fellows are a 15mm Essex Early Hebrew army. These are block painted and dipped over a black undercoat.

The general (centre) is a 3Ax unit supported by a pair of 3Wb. I'm not sure Essex did a great job on the figure selection overall but I do appreciate their willingness to put together packs for every army.

There are four bases of 2Ps. These were quite nice figures. I apologize for the soft pictures; my wife took the good camera for a weekend trip and I am trying to make do with my daughter's camera.

Below there are five bases of 3Ax troops. This will be an excellent bad-going army with fairly good mobility. I don't think you would want to be caught out in the open, though.

Up next: Four bases of 28mm Normans are drying. I also have three bases of 28mm Santa's elves underway and the first of two batches of 15mm Xyston Greeks glued to paint sticks. I'm also flipping my way through Hail Caesar! for a test game at the club in mid-June.

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