Friday, February 11, 2011

15mm WW2 US Artillery

With the glue now dry, I've packed up four 15mm WW2 artillery pieces and shipped them off. These are Battlefront models based for Flames of Wars. I think they are a battery of 105mm howitzers.

After a trip to the art store, I think I finally got the uniform colour right. Overall, a fairly easy job with nice castings that went together crisply.

The crew were nice but there was one too few guys holding a shell and one too many pointing downrange. I opted to give the radio guys fall jackets for some variety of colour.

Up next: Some 28mm skeletons are in the midst of being based. And I'm painting on some 1/76 ACW union troops. Assuming the weekend is not too busy, I should finish the painting by early next week. Then I think I am back to working on some 28mm Saxons. I also need to start scoping out my MayDay game in some detail.


Battlescale said...

Very nice paint job!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Steve; you're 3mm houses are great. I have a bunch of Irregular's 2mm towns and woods and simply love them, even with bigger figures.