Tuesday, February 8, 2011

15mm Kappadokian DBA Army

I completed a commission 15mm Xyston Ariarathid Kappadokian (II/14) army last night. I know nothing of Ariarathid Kappadokians but they did not appear to have much in the way of colour or decoration so the painting went fast. I did find a hilarious auction for them though.

There are five bases of 3Ax which forms the core of the army. I was requested to mimic the nice paint scheme on the box art, including the cowhide shields.

There are all three bases of 3Cv, including a CV General in armour. The spears were supplied by the owner and are plastic. He also (bless him!) drilled out the hands--which is on the one part of Xyston armies that I loathe.

There are a pair of 2LH.

And we round out the light troops with a pair of 2Ps skirmishers. An interesting army: lots of bad going troops combined with a fair bit of mobility.

Up next: 15mm WW2 artillery is being based. I am painting some 28mm skeletons for my MayDay game. And, when the temperature rises tomorrow, I will spray prime some of Craig's 1/76 ACW fellows from the BatteCry box. Hard to say after that--perhaps the remainder of the 28mm Saxons army will receive some attention? I also have a game of CC: Naps with Bruce scheduled for Wednesday night.


Ray Rousell said...

Nice paintjob!!

adeptgamer said...

Nice paint work... what the hell was with that ebay posting?!

Teenage Visigoth said...

All loyal Bithynians loath the vile Kappadokian.

These are just too pretty to hate...

Bob Barnetson said...

Thank guys.

Yes, adeptgamer, the auction was hilarious!

Dave said...

FYI, I've never had a problem spray priming in the cold when the models and paint can are kept inside until used, then models brought back in after they have de-gassed for about 1h or so. I prime in the garage throughout the winter.

Dullcoating is another thing, however.