Saturday, January 5, 2013

More of Gotham

I finished another building last night to fill out the back streets of Gotham. The wash went all wonky on this one so I may go back and touch it up before putting the glass in the windows.

Overall, I'm starting to get a decent number of buildings together. Sorry the flash (below) washed out all of the colours (the bookshelf is dark).

I have a bunch more buildings ready to prime and paint tomorrow. Right now I'm focusing on 43 28mm Saxons (or maybe vikings) that Will has donated to the MayDay auction. I'm painting them up to increase their value. Gripping Beast plastics are very nice.

Up next: Likely some Saxons/Vikings late in the week. maybe a game or two before then? Hard to say--work is picking up some and requiring more attention.

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