Sunday, January 27, 2013

FS 28mm interwar troops


I have for sale a lot of painted 28mm interwar troops. There are 26 men and 1 dog in this lot of HLBS figures. I picked these guys up at auction this spring in my continuing effort to rescue floundering projects of my buddies..

I have painted them up as generic inter-war troops. They would might be a platoon of republican sympathizes from across the sea in your Very British Civil War game. They might be an American expeditionary force trudging through Asia in your pulp game. They could be mercenary troops of a warlord or American troops guarding a base.

The HQ lot includes an LMG, three officers and a dog. There are also three seven-man fire teams (below) who appear to favour Scooby-Doo "sneak" formation. All are rifle armed except the one guy with mittens and a pistol. The bases are grassed with an early/spring late fall colour and dun coloured shrubs.

I'd like $65 (including shipping in Canada or the US) for this lot. You could combine them with this lot of 53 WW1 Germans for a good inter-wat skirmish in Asia over the Spear of Destiny (archaeologists not included) for $200 all in. Offers to

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