Thursday, January 24, 2013

More 1/72 NWMP

I finished a few more of the 1/72-scale NWMP force. These are cannons. I have my eye on HaT Gatling guns that I will pick up when I go south in February for a conference. I will also pick up some Indians and some US cavalry on that trip.

Again, Airfix-quality sculpts which are fine enough for my purposes (and the price). I mounted these crews in two parts to allow for casuality removal to mark hits. The single-mounted fellow might also be a useful "general" figure with some fancier braids and whatnot. The silver turned out a bit garish and I will repaint with gunmetal.

Up next: A bunch of NWMP foot then some more 28mm riflemen and then perhaps some 15mm WW2.

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