Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Few Acres of Snow

I dropped by Bruce's place last night for a few games of A Few Acres of Snow. We haven't
 played in a awhile and Bruce was keen to try some new ideas for the French player.

Game 1 (above) went badly for Bruce--he just did not get the cards in the right sequence. An early military (mis)adventure, tough cards and amazing card luck for me meant a quick game (15 minutes) for the British. I almost felt badly for Bruce, but my recollection is that showing him any kind of pity inevitably bites me in the ass.

Game 2 was much closer (a tie in points, as it turned out--which goes to the French). I was slower, Bruce was annoying with his Indian raids, and he expanded fast enough to make up the difference. I felt pretty good going up the west side of the map but maybe should have focused on bringing the game to conclusion faster? So a split evening.

I wonder if a good strategy for the British is to buy the two settlers as quickly as possible to deny them to the French. I know the French don't necessarily need settlers as much as the British, but they do if they want to build up their cities and jack their victory points. Maybe a strategem to apply next time?

Up next: Some 28mm LotR are underway and I need to build a bunch of 15mm cavalry to prime when the weather breaks early next week.


fireymonkeyboy said...

Going to have to look for a copy of this. A favorite period of mine.

Bob Barnetson said...

You might want to read BGG before you buy. We have been having a good time but the designer admits that the game favours the British and there is a strategy that is basically unbeatable. That said, we have been having a hoot. Maybe you could get one cheap?

baronkohinar said...

In the second edition at least the designer says he tweaked things to kill the runaway British strategy.

Bob Barnetson said...

Yes, and kudos to him for trying and also for respecting the need to have a historically accurate (more or less) game that is likely going to be vulnerable to a certain degree of "gaming". Still a good game in my view.