Saturday, November 3, 2012

FS 28mm painted skeleton HoTT army


I'm cleaning out my gaming cupboard and moving along armies that have not seen much use in the past two years. Thus I have for sale this painted 28mm Hordes of the Things skeleton army. It comprises 84 foot, six mounted and 1 dragon figure. All units are based on 60mm frontages.

First up is the dragon. He is tall and could serve as a dragon, a hero, a flyer or a god.

There are also three bases of mounted, which I play as riders but could also be knights.

The bulk of the foot are these seven large bases of skeletons. I have played these are hordes but they could also be warband or spear.

For a specific scenario I also did five bases of Roman-themed skeletons. I play these as blade but they would also work as spear.

There are three bases of shooters.

The general is a magician (could also be a cleric). He has a custom made cloak, a gem on the end of his staff and reads from a book atop a pulpit of skulls.

There is also one base of lurkers bursting up from the earth. These help balance the point total is you play the base above as a cleric or the large bases as hordes.

All told about 38 AP (and up to 49, depending what you designate bases as). I'd like $120 OBO plus shipping. Shipping in Canada or the US is about $25. Offers to


Kevin Barrett said...

Look sweet, Bob. Good luck on the sale!

C. L. Decker said...

Very nice! Plastic or metal? That can make a difference for some buyers.

Bob Barnetson said...

I think this is all plastic. Makes shipping cheaper!