Saturday, October 6, 2012

More 15mm cavalry

I managed to finish another unit of 15mm Polish cavalry/infantry for this large commission that I have.

This is the same box as I finished earlier this week but my instructions were to paint them brown, rather than red. All told, nice enough figures that are getting easier to paint as I get the hang of them.

If have three boxes that I will build and prime this weekend--one of infantry and two of heavy cavalry (mix of plate and chain). Those will put me more than half way through the commission.

Up next: I have 14 bases of 28mm skirmishers that I'm about to apply the static grass to. These will serve as psiloi in DBA or as the various light troops that CCA demands (which I am always short of when I go to host a game).


fireymonkeyboy said...

Those horse sculpts look decent - who makes them?

Bob Barnetson said...

It is this company here:

Kind of like FoW for 17th-century eastern Europe.