Tuesday, October 16, 2012

28mm fire hydrants and mailboxes

I'm chipping away at a 15mm commission but also taking some time to work in a few other figures (keeps the painting fresh). I bought a bunch of Black Cat scenics for superhero gaming awhile back. After several hours of struggling with a crappy cast and sculpt of limited interest, I finally threw out the phone booths and moved onto the hydrants and mail boxes.

This was some fairly easy painting. Base colour, tiny bit of trim and dip. The hydrants are too big for the HO-scale buildings I'm using. In fact, they are over-scale for the figures as well. But they'll do, adding a nice bit of terrain.

The mailbox, by contrast, is too small for the hydrants but fits in alright with the buildings and figures. I won't be ordering any more Black Cat stuff--they are 0 for 4 with this order.

Up next: Club night tonight with some Dux Bellorum on deck and then back to 15mm Poles. I have some foot that need the final basing and I'm painting my way through the Hussars.


fireymonkeyboy said...

That Thing model rocks.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Heroclix with a bit of paint to highlight and a dip and a new base.

Jiaqi said...

Love Marvel stuff. Been tempted to wanna start Heroclix. But with my colelction of Modern military models. Modern Military WArgaming units, Fantasy Miniatures and Action Figures.. Not sure if I can diversify any more :p

In any case, Love your Hulk and Thing figures! They are terrific.

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