Sunday, November 13, 2011

10mm Sci-fi Army 2 for Sale

This is the second of two 10mm sci-fi armies I'd like to part with. The army comprises 22 bases on 40mm frontages. I'd like $50 plus shipping ($15 in Canada or the US) but if you buy both armies, I'll eat the shipping costs. You could use this army with rules like HoTT, FUBAR and other sets. You could also use the figures with 6mm figures.

First up we have the infantry. There are 14 bases in four types (number of stands in parentheses): extra-heavy (2), heavy (2) medium (8) and light (2).

There are two tanks that accompany the infantry.

The real weight of the army in the walkers. Ther first set of three includes two which are flyers (have wings) and one which is armed with a chainsaw.

We also have three heavier walks, with a mixtures of guns and missiles.

Offers to All figures will be individually bubble-wrapped for shipping.


Secular Transhumanist said...

Do you happen to know what manufacturers made the figures?

Bob Barnetson said...

I believe these are all figures from an old Clix game.

Bob Barnetson said...