Thursday, November 10, 2011

More clix repaints

While I do have some more 10mm AWI underway (basing up three units--should be ready for tomorrow), I have continued to repaint and base the huge box of Heroclix I got recently.

I continued on some of the Marvel characters. From the Fantastic Four, I finished two each of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Women, She-Hulk (whom I didn't know was in the Fantastic Four) and the Thing. I also have a couple of Human Torches in the box that I will dig out.

From the X-Men, I redid Jean Grey, Colossus, Cyclops (x4), another Colossus and Wildcat (x2). Below you can see some miscellaneous figures, including two gun-toters and another Scarlet Witch.

Up next: Three AWI units are being based up and should be ready to show the next few days. After that, more AWI and likely some more Heroclix. I think I have enough to do some HoTT Superhero armies!

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Paul O'G said...

That punisher fig is EPIC!!!!! Love it. Would make a good addition to my Allied WW2 army, off to 'punish' the Nazis!