Sunday, November 13, 2011

10mm Sci-fi Army 1 For Sale

I have for sale two 10mm mech armies. This is the first one. I'd like $50 for it plus shipping ($15 in Canada or the US) but if you buy both armies I will cover the shipping costs. This army comprises 23 bases all on 40mm frontages and could be used for HoTT, FUBAR or other systems. The figures could also work with 6mm sci-fi armies.

First up we have 11 bases of infantry. There are four types (number of stands in parentheses): extra heavy (3), heavy (4), medium, (2) and light (2).

We then have some combat vehicles. There are (left to right) two tanks, a wheeled recon vehicle and two lightly gunned hover craft.

There are four support vehicles, including two armoured personnel carriers and two mobile missile batteries.

And finally we have three walkers: one with a cannon, one with a bladed weapon and one mobile missile battery.

Offers to . All will be shipped individually bubble-wrapped and insured.