Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marvel heroes and villains

While my paint brush has returned to 10mm AWI, I'm still moving some 28mm heroes and villains through the basing process. Up now are some Marvel figures. I was never a Marvel fan but these characters have quite a lot of charm.

Up first we have the Hobgoblin, the Vulture and Kingpin. I recall the Vulture being bald but the last Spiderman comic I read was in the 1970s so what do I know.

I also repainted Sandman, Mysterio and Dr. Octopus. The Mysterio figure is very nice, with a clear helm and a misty base.

I also did some heroes. The Scarlet Witch (and Avenger), the Hulk (a lovely model) and oddly a newer version of DC's Robin. Below I have DareDevil, Spiderman and Elektra. The Spiderman sculpt is one of the most animated I've ever seen--it is lovely.

Up next: Some 10mm American AWI figures. The first units are line and some generals.


Andy said...

You gotta love those repainted Heroclicks! Almost every super is available and most of the sculpts are quite good.

Bob Barnetson said...

Andy: Yes, these are a great source of figures. They are a bit thinner than typical 28mm so it is tricky to find hordes of mindless goons to fill out the ranks. But dang they are nice models and often require only a bit of highlighting a wash before basing.