Sunday, November 6, 2011

More 28mm heroes and villains

I'm quite enjoying a diversion from 10mm AWI this weekend. In addition to rebasing dozens of figures, I've been painting up some more heroes and villains.

Here we have a very active Batman, which is the pose I think I will keep in the long-term.

Some foes include Poison Ivy (whom my daughter loves--in a video game we've played Poison Ivy's special power is to kiss others and render them senseless for a time) and Bane (whom I'm not familiar with).

And below we have have Deathstroke who is a foe of the Teen Titans. I was quite happy with the way his repaint turned out--the original blue-on-orange scheme was pretty bad. Some highlighting and washing really helped.

Up next: Some more heros, villains and a bunch of Gotham's finest.

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