Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lundy's Lane

We had seven guys out at the club last night with two games running. I hosted Kevin and Scott in two games of For Honor and Glory, miniaturizing the Worthington Games' title with some 1/72 plastics.

We played the Lundy's Lane scenario, with Scott playing General Scott (the Americans) and Kevin playing General Gordon (the British). Both sides have reinforcements to feed into the fight and about half way through the game, night falls with all shooting being limited to one hex.

Game one saw the Americans roll high and moved quickly to dislodge the British from the hill in the centre of the board. The British were never able to retake it, which was a historical outcome. Scott's roll were amazing and made up for his terrible luck two weeks ago at Crysler's Farm.

Dave hosted Craig, Chen and Terry in a game of Blitzkreig Commander. This was an early war eastern front game with the Germans needing to get a convoy across the table while the Russian's sought to interdict the German trucks. There was a lot of burning armour and I think Craig snuck out a win for the Germans.

Scott and Kevin reset Lundy's Lane for a second go and we saw a much cagier game the second time around. The British had better rolls and the Americans were never able to muster the strength to dislodge them from the hill.

As the British moved reinforcements on under the cover of darkness, the American dragoons raised hell behind the lines, picking off weakened British units. Eventually we saw a British victory of attrition, although they also firmly controlled the hill throughout the game.

Up next: Some 28mm renaissance mounted and artillery is drying. And I have some more 28mm renaissance foot primed.


Kevin Barrett said...


I must say, this "Honour and Glory" game was excellent. Much more fun than Black Powder, and a great scenario to boot. Thanks for hosting!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Kevin; yeah, a nice game last night. I find this and DBHx provide just enough colour for me for the period but the decisions are still fairly stark (move, shoot, charge or rally) and all of the rules can be memorized in 10 minutes. Much easier than, say, Flint and Steel, with 17-phases per turn. I'm loving this new Hotz mat and am thrilled to find I got the correct CCA/Battlelore mat, not the Memoir/Battlecry one!

Giles said...

Great report and pics, Bob.

Best wishes


Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Giles; I love your blog!