Thursday, August 18, 2011

28mm renaissance gendarmes and artillery

I've moved a few more renaissance pieces towards completion this week. First up is some artillery.

This is a GW Empire volley gun. Fairly ridiculous from an engineering perspective but pretty enough to look at. Assembly was a major hassle because I lacked instructions and the gun itself makes no real sense.

Overall, not a bad first stab. I am hopeful future foot will have fancier costumes. I'm still getting my eye into this era and looking about for good examples. I've been using the Fields of Glory Renaissance companion books for inspiration.

I painted up four more gendarmes. These are again GW empire figures and will serve as German troops. Sorry the pictures are so bad--my camera won't let me adjust the depth of field manually.

I believe I got these from Dave (who did most of the assembly) and all I've done is paint them. These are a nice tradition from medieval-style heraldry towards the crazier colour schemes of the renaissance.

Up next: I have six reiters done (on huge GW horses) and drying. I am also working on a bunch of renaissance foot. And a large 15mm ancients commission just arrived that I will give some attention to this afternoon. I'm also hopeful to get a game in with Bruce tomorrow afternoon.

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Great and colourful minis