Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FS 2mm terrain

I have a bunch of painted 2mm (yes, two millimeter) terrain that I would like to move on. It is lovely, great for air games and works well to represent terrain with larger scale figures. But it hasn't been out of its box in two years so it needs to go! Proceeds will help fund my sabbatical to New Zealand in 2013!

First up are some three large villages and three small ones. All of these are made by Irregular Miniatures.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of detail here.

There are also three towns, another small village and a windmill.

The painting includes a nice wash. If you don't like the sheen, you can give it a quick hit of dullcoat.

And there are 23 sections of trees. I'd like to sell at the cost of the unpainted metal as well as postage. That comes to $40 OBO plus $15 postage in Canada or the US (if postage is more, I will eat the cost and if it is less, I will refund the difference). Each piece will be wrapped in bubble. Offers to


Bob Barnetson said...

SOLD! Thanks. Bob

Itinerant said...

Those look great. And, good job on selling it.

Bob Barnetson said...