Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Black Cat Bases

Earlier this summer I repainted a bunch of 28mm Heroclix superheroes for the upcoming Ganesh Games rules Power Legion. At the time, I based them on washers with a park-like theme.

After some consideration of the terrain I will be using, I decided that a more urban-looking base might be good and ordered some resin bases from Black Cat Bases.

They arrived a couple of weeks ago. There is a mix of sidewalks and sidewalks with gutters. I painted them up and then transferred Bats to one. Overall, the effect is nice and is largely what I was after.

The quality control on the Black Cat bases is not great. No bubbles but a bit of excess resin in a few placed. The biggest issue is that the thickness of the bases varies quite a lot (some are twice as deep as others) and many are not level (see Bats above for an example). I'd hoped for a bit more quality control. I suppose I could sand them flat, but sanding resin is not good (dust).

Up next: A 1/72 WW1 tank is being based and some more 15mm Greeks are underway. I also have a game tonight with Bruce: Lundy's Lane in 1/72 using DBHx.


Kevin Barrett said...


Great looking Batman. I assume this is one of your repaints? Awesome!

Bob Barnetson said...

Yes, a repaint of a heroclix. Basically added shading, fixed sloppy work (presumable caused by the original painter being prodded by a bayonet) and then washed. Makes a big difference.

There is a fellow in the UK who will strip, repaint and then base your heroclix for 35GBP each. He does a very nice job but for the extra 34GBP it would have cost per figure, I think I will stick to my own handwork!

Dan said...

yes great looking batman.