Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Storm trooper support!

Having secured a bunch of foot soldiers for my daughter's Star Wars army, I was left trying to find adequate other figures to represent non-shooter bases. Fortunately, the flood of Star Wars toys over the past 30-odd years means there is a fair bit of choice.

These fellows are Titanium Series dewback riders from about four years ago. They scale perfectly with the West End Games stormtroopers that I already have.

I figure the dewbacks could be classified as riders or maybe beasts. I then started looking for more mechanical troop. I'm keeping my eyes open for a decently priced Revell or WotC AT-ST walker but, in the meantime, settled on these Titanium Series Clone Wars era AT-APs (I think that is what they are).

The riders are much bigger than the WEG figures (33mm versus 25mm) but because they are elevated above the table, it is not super noticeable. I think of it as a "forced perspective" thing!

Up next: Likely a report on the club game tonight. Then the remaining 28mm vikings I've got drying (just need to attach shields). Then back to some Star Wars. I have speeder bike troops I'm mulling on how to mount and I also have some imperial naval troopers (second line, unarmoured storm troopers) ready to paint.

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Unknown said...

Starting from the fact that i consider you a genius for what you did with the dewbacks, I was just wondereing if those are all West End Games miniatures,because nowdays I can't find nobody selling Star Wars miniatures to paint(the only ones i found are some models sold on ebay). Could you tell me where do you buy all the miniatures? Thankyou very much and sorry for desturbing