Saturday, April 9, 2011

Job Lot FS: Star Trek and Star Wars

I recently purchased a large lot of figures on eBay to get some old West End Games Star Wars models. When the box arrived, it came with a bunch of other stuff that I have no use for. All of the figures below are for sale and no reasonable offer refused. All measures are from bottom of foot to top of head.

First up are three large pewter models. The left model is dated 2003 and is 54mm high. She is a Star Wars figure but I have no idea whom. The middle figure is Worf from STTNG. This is a Rawcliffe pewter model (1993) and is also 54mm tall. The right figure is Lt. Sulu, is a Rawcliffe model (1993) and is 50mm high.

These matched pair of Qui-gon Jinn and Darth Maul are not dated. Qui-gon is 41mm tall while Darth Sidious is 38mm tall.

These three figures are from the Film Aliens. Working left to right we have Drake (29mm), Mick (30mm) and Ripley (26mm).

SOLD This group are STTNG or STDS9 figures. Left to right we have Worf (32mm), lady with phaser (31mm), dude with phase and satchel (29mm), Andorian (29mm), dude with phaser rifle (29mm) and lady with tricorder (29mm).

SOLD Finally, there are four figures. The left-most look like Klingons from The Search for Spock (27mm, both dated 1989) while the right-most fiogures are from TOS (26mm, both dated 1978).

Shipping is from Canada. In Canada or to the US the entire lot will be about $12. Any portion of the lot will likely be about $9. Offers to I'd also consider trade offers. I'm still looking for some West End Games Star Trek figures or vehicles in scale. I'm also open to other 28mm figures, ancient to medieval (although the only Romans I'm keen on getting more of are Warlord Games Imperial Legionnaires. Or I'd take some Heroclix super heroes!

Up next: Some more Star War Imperials are being based and I'm painting some 28mm French foot knights.


Scott M said...

Does the battery come fully charged? ;)


Bob Barnetson said...

Alas, the battery is not included but just for scale. Fortunately, these figures have no moving parts so you don't need it.

tim said...

It's "Hicks", actually - not "Mick". Corporal Duane Hicks.

Ripley: Well I believe Corporal Hicks is in charge.
Burke: CORPORAL Hicks!?
Ripley: This operation is under military jurisdiction and Corporal Hicks is next in chain of command. Is that right, Corporal...?
Hicks: Yeah... Yeah, that's right...

(I may have seen that movie just a few too many times...)

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your mind--the name scratched on the bottom of the figure's base was, apparently, ambiguously lettered!

sarkari naukri said...

Ha ha ha....

sarkari naukri

Katya and Jessie said...

Did you ever figure out who the top girl on the left is? I have one just like her in pewter and I need to know who she is and if I can sell her?

Bob Barnetson said...

Nope, sorry!