Saturday, April 16, 2011

28mm HoTT Goblin Army FS


I have for sale a huge painted 28mm Hordes of the Things goblin army. This army comprises 84 figures figures on 30 bases for a total of (I think) 67 AP. All figures painted by me with acrylics from a pet- and smoke-free home.

The core of the army includes 8 bases of warband, 5 bases of spear and 5 bases of bow (all identical to the samples above). These are old grenadier models now sold by eM4 combined with a few Battlemaster figures on the warband bases.

There are two trolls (to add some punch as behemoths). These are Battlemaster figures.

There are 3 bases of riders, again Battlemaster figures mounted on dire wolves.

There is 1 lurker base (GW night goblin in a camo cloak), 1 magician base (a heroclix figure with two guards) and 1 custom mounted hero base (heroclix mount with Battlemasters rider).

There is a base of beasts (wolves from Battlemaster). There are also 2 bases of flyers and 1 base of beast, all heroclix figures.

I'd like $100. Shipping in Canada or the US will be $20. To the UK is $30 (size of box). I will bubble wrap each base and float it in a box of packing material. Offers to

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