Monday, March 21, 2011

Last 10mm Soviets

I completed the last of the 10mm Soviets this weekend--just need to get a can of matt finish to complete them. This lot started with two helos. I thought these were Hinds but it turns out they are Mi-8 Hips.

I ran into some difficulty with the rotor assembly--was going to build the shafts and then leave them unfinished so the owner could put some clear discs on. But the shafts are part of the blades--a neat but of casting but problematic for converting. So I have painted both blade assemblies but left them unbuilt for the owner to decide what he wants to do.

I also painted four more APCs (above) and four trucks (below). I need to do a bit of touch up on the armoured cars I posted Saturday, put on a matt finish and then these fellows are ready to mail.

Up next: Some 1/72 War of 1812 Glengarry Light Infantry followed by some British regulars. Then maybe the last of the goblins and then onto the vikings.

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