Saturday, December 19, 2015

WW2 Russian Cavalry

I have come to hate painting cavalry so I put off these Russian cavalry that Tim in Saskatoon sent me this summer. To make this more fun, I tried to paint them like Tim would--with black lines and a steady hand. I don't think I have his skills (or hands), but I got reasonably close (trying to match some Russian foot he painted).

There were 18 of these guys, all metal. The horses were a mix of manufacturers (including some nice plastics ones). Only two of the skeevy old grenadier horses that I eventually tossed.

Riders and gear got a matt finish while I left the horses a touch shiny. All told, they turned out okay. They might also stand in as Polish cavalry in a pinch. Very dynamic rider poses.

Up next: A buttload of WW2 Italian plastics are underway.


Phil said...

Excellent job!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. I'm pretty happy with them. Now need to base the Russian foot to match!